Nancy's New Smile with Invisalign


Nancy, our dental receptionist, is now using Invisalign and she has decided to share her experience with you!

My journey with Invisalign...

Well I am getting closer to completion of my Invisalign journey. It first started December 2012 looking at 12 to 15 months for my total treatment to be completed. The time has gone by so fast with amazing results.

Itís hard to remember exactly what my teeth looked like at the start of treatment. I often look back at the before pictures just to see how much my teeth have transformed.


The length of treatment is based on each individual case. The average treatment time is 12 months. You will experience a little discomfort as treatment progresses which feels like pressure at the beginning of each new aligner insertion. This feeling will also remind us that treatment is working. The pressure feeling will eventually go away after a few days. At the end of treatment a retainer is recommended and eventually wore at night to prevent shifting.






Stay tuned to see the final transformation...